Winter Weather for your Pets!

No matter how much we want to keep our pets safe, sometimes the weather has other ideas. In Florida, we spend so much time trying to keep our furry friends cool and hydrated. The sun can have unbearable effects on their paws and skin. So, when we Floridians finally get to winter weather, we are so excited for cooler temperatures. However, our pets have other issues to deal with as well. What are the best ways to keep them safe for winter?

The cooler weather can lead to issues with dry skin and frostbite on paws. Pets can’t stay out in the cold the way they can deal with heat. In the heat, having shelter and water is the key. However, with dropping temperatures having shelter helps but they need to have help with warmth. They still need hydration, but it is less important at this time of the year. Some ways to keep your pet from dealing with dry skin and frostbite on paws include keeping their paws and noses coated with a paw lotion. This will help sooth them and repair your dog’s dry skin.

Repeatedly coming in and out of cold into a warm house can cause dry skin. Try keeping a fresh towel handy to dry off your pet’s feet and coat to keep dry as much as possible. Keeping a humidifier going in your home can help keep the humidity more controlled to help with the dryness of their skin. If you have a pet that has short or thin hair, you might want to consider getting him a coat or sweater to regulate their temperature.

Bathing your pet regularly during winter months can be detrimental for your pet’s coat and skin. Continuing to wash your pet often can ruin the essential oils that naturally occur. These oils are the core to keeping them from having dry cracked skin. Petroleum jelly can also help keep their skin healthy and safe. Pets also need to stay away from cold floors and away from all drafts. A warm blanket or pillow is a perfect way to keep your dog or cat warm for the winter.

A good thing to remember is if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet to be outside. If they are left outside, they can freeze or become confused. They may run or find themselves lost, this can cause injury or even death. Doing everything in your power to keep them safe is the best way to stay safe and warm. Cute booties can help keep their feet healthy as well as feeding them a little more due to using up their energy to stay warm.

Best thing you can do is to treat your pets like family and they will have the best winter season ever

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