Next Big Social Media Star: YOUR PET!!!

Social networking is prevalent in today’s society, but this domain is no longer dominated by humans. Pets are not only appearing in random posts or embarrassing videos on YouTube, but now have their own accounts where they share their activities and favorite products. The whole month of June is dedicated to recognizing the use of social networking by our favorite companions.

There are a wide variety of accounts and personalities throughout the social petworking realm. Some accounts are owners sharing their pet, while others are from the perspective of the pet. Social petworking can even be used to draw attention to important topics in the pet world, such as finding homeless pets forever homes or reconnecting a loss pet with its owner. These accounts are trying to gain a larger audience to share their message with people and companies who can relate and/or help.

Social Petworking Month takes place all throughout June, and it’s a chance to use social media for the benefit of pets who are looking for forever homes. If you have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other social media accounts, then you can help out by sharing adoptable animals, helping rescues and shelters, and encouraging your friends, family, and followers to get involved.

A few different ways to participate in Social Petworking Month:

Share Adoptable Animals
One way to help shelter animals is to directly get the word out by posting them on your social media pages. If you haven’t already, you can search for and follow many shelters and rescues near you that rely on social media to promote their animals, and it’s very easy to click share, retweet, or link to them from your own page.

Help People Volunteer
Not everyone is familiar with how to get involved and help animal shelters in real life, and social media is a great tool to direct people who want to be active. You can provide resources like this article on how to volunteer at a shelter, or you can post links to local shelters near you if they have specific requirements and needs. Most shelters would appreciate the extra hands, and this is a great month to connect new volunteers with organizations that need them.

Promote Shelters and Rescues

If you don’t have time to organize an event yourself, then you can always help share and promote the events that rescues and shelters are holding. Non-profit organizations don’t often have huge advertising budgets, so they rely on word-of-mouth promotion, and social media can be a great tool for that. If shelters post about their needs on their social media pages, your shares, likes, comments, and interactions help get the word out so they can be seen by more people.

If you have a personal story of an animal you adopted who changed your life, talk about them on social media. Post pictures. You don’t have to be a poet; just get your story out there. It may inspire someone to look into adopting, fostering, volunteering, or donating, and that would be a big help for dogs in shelters.
How else can people use social media to help dogs in need during Social Petworking Month? Are you planning to help shelters with your pages in June? Then let us know in the comments below!

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