Grooming Tips from the Heart!

Having just settled into a comfy position on the couch, my puppy, Sandy, jumps in my lap and smells horrible.  “What did you get into? Where have you been? Oh my! I guess we are getting a bath,” I tell her. I’m sure you have been in somewhat of a similar situation. It just seems that no matter what there is a grooming issue lurking around the corner at your home all the time. Dogs and even cats have a plethora of grooming needs that we must cater to. Some breeds are much lesser in need of our attention than others.


Many breeds of dogs and cats don’t need to have daily or weekly brushing but, there are many more that do require regular brushing. Take for example, a Golden Doodle, they are considered hypoallergenic and don’t have the same kind of dander, but their hair is long and susceptible to matting easily. They need brushing several times a week, if not daily. Many cats enjoy the brushing of their fur. They don’t mat up like dogs and are expert at their own self-grooming but having that one on one attention is often sought out.


Bath time in some households is a bad word! Dogs and owner a like go running for the other rooms to hide from having to deal with tub time. It can be disastrous! However, if you are prepared and give baths regularly then your pet will get used to the routine of being in the tub. Some things to try to have on hand on towels specifically for your pets so you don’t have to share hair with them. As well, as oatmeal shampoo or any shampoo that is gentle on their skin and still cleans. Some shampoos are harsh and should be avoided as they dry out your pooch’s skin. Once, you are set up and have your “tools” as well as a water cup or an extended shower hose, then its time to get them in the tub. A calm voice and demeanor is all that is needed to have an enjoyable bath time.


A long accidental scratch signals its time to cut those nails again. This can be one of the hardest things to do with grooming. It is scary to try to cut enough but not too far. The last thing any pet owner wants to do is hurt their fur baby. It is getting set up to take your time and really look at their nails and make sure that you are using the right angle and making little cuts at a time. If you have a file or a power file, this also helps to move slower. Nail cutting is not a favorite of any pet but has to be done for your dog or cat all the time.

All in all, grooming your pet can be a pampering sweet time that you spend with them. Just remember that regular practices can help with the possible anxiety that your pet can feel from them. It is just unusual to them and they get scared. You are the one that can take away that feeling for them. Keeping them brushed and bathed will also help their skin, any issues with fleas or health conditions and it makes them smell better too, which makes everyone in the family happy too!

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