Holiday Eating Isn’t for Everyone! Keeping Your Pet Safe!

Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday gatherings are right around the corner! We all plan and shop to make the most amazing meal for our friends and family. We spend several days cooking and prepping for the day. Then, the meal day comes, and we spend all day cooking so that we can share a few hours…

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Winter Weather for your Pets!

No matter how much we want to keep our pets safe, sometimes the weather has other ideas. In Florida, we spend so much time trying to keep our furry friends cool and hydrated. The sun can have unbearable effects on their paws and skin. So, when we Floridians finally get to winter weather, we are…

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Grooming Tips from the Heart!

Having just settled into a comfy position on the couch, my puppy, Sandy, jumps in my lap and smells horrible.  “What did you get into? Where have you been? Oh my! I guess we are getting a bath,” I tell her. I’m sure you have been in somewhat of a similar situation. It just seems…

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It’s Pet Hydration Awareness Month! How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink?

July has been designated as Pet Hydration Awareness Month. As the temperatures soar and we consider soaking up the rays of sunshine, we need to think about the effect the heat can have on our four-legged friends. Whether you’re planning a summer road trip with your pup or simply intending to relax around your home…

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Next Big Social Media Star: YOUR PET!!!

Social networking is prevalent in today’s society, but this domain is no longer dominated by humans. Pets are not only appearing in random posts or embarrassing videos on YouTube, but now have their own accounts where they share their activities and favorite products. The whole month of June is dedicated to recognizing the use of…

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Micro-chipping and what it’s all about!

May is Chip Your Pet Month! So, we thought it would be a great topic for our pet families. How much do you really know about micro-chipping? There are a lot of myths about these little chips and how they work. Do they locate your pet exactly? Are they a homing device like GPS? How…

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What is Heartworm Disease and How to Help my Pets!

What is heartworm disease? Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in the United States and many other parts of the world. It is caused by foot-long worms called heartworms that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels of affected pets, causing severe lung disease, heart failure and damage…

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How to find the Perfect Boarding Center!

Want to go on Vacation? Worried about who will take of your pet? How do you find someone just as compassionate about your fur baby as you are? Just a few questions that many pet owners ask of themselves when they start to plan for time away from home. You can’t always bring your pets…

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Healthy Teeth for Big Smiles

As we roll into February 2019, it’s Dental Health for Pets month! Keeping our pets’ teeth healthy and clean is one of the most important parts of their well-being. Sometimes it is hard to get our pets to sit still and have their teeth brushed. As well, having healthy teeth allows our pets to keep…

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Veterinary Lab Tests—Important or not?

Most of us have had blood drawn at some point in our lives and many of our pets have had their blood drawn as well. When your pet comes to the clinic when he/she isn’t feeling well drawing blood for a complete blood count and chemistry panel can alert us to what may be going…

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